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ObamaCare or JesusCare

October 8, 2009

   Just a few days ago I was watching part of the debates that are going on about health care in the United States.  Sometimes it is nice being in the jungle so I don’t have to follow the endless bickering over politics.  It seems to me that the issue comes down to what is universal health care and who is going to pay for it!

 ObamaCare or JesusCare

   I have health insurance.  I have never used it, so each year when I get the bill I consider the futility of paying for another year of insurance.  My health care, interestingly, is good for any country in the world except the good ole USA!  Since I hardly ever go there, that is fine with me.

   I have another plan too which is true universal health care.  It is JesusCare.  It is not cheap though.  You can’t get this plan for a few hundred bucks a month.  Even the congressmen can do nothing to get it for themselves.  You see it costs everything, yet at the same time it is free with no deductible.

Let me explain about a few claims I made against my JesusCare policy in the last few months:

   One month ago: An accident happened when I wrestled 20 years ago in high school.  My first match was up against a drug head, but a seasoned wrestler and the Philippine champion.  I was a novice, but pretty tough (I think).  I figured out I could beat him by taking him down (he had these skinny little toothpick legs), but I assumed he wouldn’t try to cheat.  He stepped on my foot and I twisted by ankle nearly backwards! Ouch.  I could hear the tendon’s ripping in the gym.   For the last twenty years I have always had pain in my right ankle. . . that was until I finally remembered my JesusCare policy.  It took 3 others to make the claim, but last month in Australia, the pain left.  Total cost of ankle reconstruction: $0.00!

   Two weeks ago: A lady living in the Cambodian jungle had malaria and was shaking violently from the fever.  A group of us prayed for her, asking to make a claim against our policy.  Instantly, emergency care with given (no lines, no paperwork) with 100% healing.  After seeing JesusCare in action, one other person took out a policy too.

   Ten days ago: My friend’s son had a colon problem.  He is a cute boy and his parents also have a universal policy with JesusCare.  About twenty of us got together and prayed.  100% healing, instantly.  He didn’t even need a colonoscopy performed.   Thanks JesusCare.

  One week ago: A lady church leader came to one of our trainings, but asked to be excused the first day because she had terrible pain in her teeth for several weeks.  There was a big hole in one of her molars.  She wanted to get it pulled out or have a root canal done.  My wife and I prayed for her and though she still has a hole in her tooth, she has had no pain since then at all.  JesusCare even covers dental procedures.  Who knows, maybe gold fillings coming next!

   Over the last month I have promoted JesusCare in a big way.  I even have been making claims for people who don’t even know what JesusCare is about.  Some get instant emergency care, while others seem to have more gradual relief. But I know for those who have universal health care with JesusCare, they absolutely love it! 

   You should try it too.  It has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to be an expert or figure out all the complex policy’s legal language.  JesusCare has a full staff of millions of angels just to help you 24/7. All you have to do is make a claim with a simple prayer, he does the rest.  In the debate about ObamaCare, I know for me I’ll put my trust in JesusCare any day!  That is true universal health care.

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  1. Poline permalink
    October 9, 2009 1:58 am

    I hope your president would see this. There will be no more debate! :)

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