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Second Thought Thieves

November 22, 2009

  A few days ago our children’s center in Kracheh, Cambodia got broken into.  They stole all the clothes from more than 40 girls which were on the clothes line.  We warned them about putting their clothes out at night, but it has been so rainly they didn’t have much of a choice.  The next day the girls were pretty unhappy, but they carried on as usual.  Having more than 80 kids in the center, we do not have a lot of extra clothes because it is very expensive to clothe that many people.   The kids run in ages from 6 years old to 18, so there is a big difference in sizes too.  The only reason that someone would steal old warn out kids clothes is because of their poverty.

  Well, those who lost clothes share with those who had extra and they just continued back to school as normal.  Another day went by.  The following morning, there was a surprise waiting at the gate of the center.  It was a big rice bag.  The kind which can hold 80-100 kilos of rice.  Inside of it. . . all the girls clothes, neatly folded. 

   Our kids are quite well known in the community.  Just a few months ago the center was given an award from the government for being a model of morality to the community.  The kids are all very poor and many are orphans, but they are know for being exceptional kids.  I am sure the thief knew about the kids and their reputation.  I wish I could have seen his face as he folded and packed up all the kids clothes and planned to sneak back onto the property to deliver the clothes.

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