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December 19, 2009

What makes a superhero? Of course, in our fantasy world, the most important thing is the fancy costume, huge muscles and tights.  But all superheroes have characteristics which make them amazingly above the rest, almost super-human.

A Superhero’s Qualifications:

  • Sacrifice themselves for the good of others.
  • Put themselves in danger to rescue the weak.
  • Are multi-talented.
  • Possess amazing wisdom and respond with amazing insight.
  • Are always humble and only display pride in the face of their enemies.
  • Stay away from attention so they can help more people.
  • Have tons of friends!

Here at Words of Life Ministries we have two superheroes who have worked tirelessly for 80 kids in Kracheh Province.  Dan Groves and Heidi Petersen.  Dan and Heidi have spent the last three years living with 80 kids.  They usually sleep on the floor, or in a converted storage room.  They have had snakes, rats and billions of mosquitoes attack them in the night.  They have both been sick, several times severely sick and potentially life-threatening.  They have lived without electricity for three years and without the slightest drop of running water.  They have grown their own vegetables and ate every meal with 80 other kids; dining under a tree. They wake at 5am to pray with the older kids and tuck the smaller ones in when they go to bed in the evening.  They teach  the kids everything they know, from English and computers to photography and graphic design.  With their lives and gentle words they teach all the kids how to be godly men and women of God. They do without worldly possessions and give away every last cent they have to help feed and care for more kids.


Dan Groves and Heidi Petersen in Cambodia


Why do they do it?  I think only they can answer for sure.  A superhero doesn’t do things for their own agenda though; they do it for the sake of others.  Dan and Heidi have invested three years of their lives to sacrificially help 80 kids.  Those little lives have been forever changed for the better.  We will always be grateful for our superheroes: Dan and Heidi.  Thank you so much for the amazing lives you have modeled for the children of Kracheh.  Come back soon!

Another characteristic of superheroes is their humility.  When they see this blog, they are going to turn red with embarrassment.  If you see these superheroes around or other like them, be sure to thank them for all they do.  They may appear to be normal people, but I can assure you… they are superheroes in disguise.

On May 2, 2010 Dan and Heidi were married joining together a great team to make a superhero family!

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  1. December 19, 2009 1:33 pm

    Hi Steve, thanks for sharing this story about people who inspire others with their kind deeds. I’m very touched with what Dan and Heidi do for the Cambodian children and am forever grateful for their commitment and dedication to help children to live a better life. Thank you for all and wish you all the very best for your efforts and your lives.

  2. December 21, 2009 3:25 pm

    I admire those who have (should have) title “REAL SUPERHEROES” among us! Keep our support for them!

  3. Mythical Man permalink
    January 29, 2010 9:28 am

    Good for them! They seem like special folks.


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