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Hallelujah in the Restroom

March 9, 2010

Pastor Mam Saow

Mam Saow is a pastor from Kompong Chhnang province, north of Phnom Penh about one hours drive.  He has had hemorrhoids and other bowel problems for quite some time.  It was very difficult for him to have a bowel movement and when it did, the stool would be very bloody.

During one of the services, he asked God to heal him.  He believed he was healed, but only a trip to the restroom would confirm it.  Later that evening, when he returned to where he was staying he went to the toilet expecting that a healing had taken place.  Within a minute there were shouts of joy screaming “Hallelujah” coming from the toilet stall.

Pastor Mam was able to easily relieve himself and the stool had no blood in it.  It has been a long while since he was able to relieve himself so easily and he had not discomfort or evidence of hemorrhoids anymore.

As he came out of the toilet, he rejoiced with other leaders who were staying where he was.  About an hour later, he wanted to use the restroom again, so he returned.  After another bowel movement, just as easy as the last, you could hear “Hallelujah” being shouted in glory to God from the restroom again!

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