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The Blind See

March 30, 2010

We are working on setting up a new position at our ministry office.  It is a “Coordinator of Miracles and Prayer”.  See, we found that if we only talk about prayer, people tend to be negative and focus on their problems.  Everyone has problems and needs, but we don’t want to focus on negative things because it is too easy to become discouraged with all the needs and problems around us.  So, we talk about miracles.  Miracles are never negative, because God has done something supernatural and extraordinary in someone’s life.  So instead of seeking prayer requests and getting word out disseminating the needs among hundreds of pastors, we are now letting pastors know of the miracles that are happening so they can be encouraged.  Often, as a result, we are seeing that more and more miracles are happening!

A great example of this is Ang.  He was recently down in Phnom Penh and saw many miracles happen.  Ang is a “kind of doctor”.  I say that, not because I want to insult him, but because he has no training except for some training in veterinary medicine.  He gives shots to horses, pigs and cows.  Because of his “medical background” and the huge lack of medical professionals in Cambodia, he is daily sought after for medical assistance among people.  He is more than happy to help in any way he can.  After Ang saw great miracles among some of our friends a month ago, he decided that instead of quickly offering a medical remedy, he would offer a supernatural remedy first: Prayer.

His first client:  A blind man!  Liang has been blind for nearly 4 years.  His blindness came suddenly and without explanation.  He felt as if his eyes were on fire and within a matter of hours lost his sight.  He has felt the burning sensation in his eyes ever since.  He has no vision what-so-ever; he is 100% blind.  He has spent his last dime on doctors only to be told there is no hope.  After his last doctor visit, to a foreign doctor, they told him it was no use to seek treatment because his eyes were completely dead.  In fact, they told him, they would probably need to be removed so that they did not rot in his head.  He had no money for the surgery.

Ang went back to his ministry area inspired.  Liang was a Buddhist, but had heard through a friend of Ang about the great miracles that were happening.  Liang asked if Ang could come and help him.  Ang came and explained to him about Jesus.  Liang was curious.  Could Jesus really heal him when the doctors had told him his eyes were completely dead?  He had not seen any light in four years!

Ang prayed a simple prayer: “Lord Jesus heal Liang! Open his eyes!”  Instantly, Liang became excited.  His eyes felt cold. The burning sensation was gone.  Something was happening.  He was so excited.  He could see light.  Ang kept praying.  His faith was growing every second.   After a little more prayer, Liang exclaimed that he could see shadows where they were sitting.  His sight was coming back!

Liang can now move comfortable around the house and can make out blurry objects.  He does not have 100% vision yet, but it is coming back slowly.  His eyes are not dead anymore, they have been lit up by Jesus again!  Liang immediately accepted Jesus Christ has his only God!

Liang can see light for the first time in four years!

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  1. robin rice permalink
    March 31, 2010 12:53 am

    tell ang we are so proud that God is working through him. We think about him often and are greatly happy that God is using him in miracles and healings. Way to go Ang!!!!What a testimony of faith…

  2. Lyn permalink
    March 31, 2010 5:59 am

    Isn’t God good!!!! I’m so thankful He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

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