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The Lame Walk

March 31, 2010

Following the miracle of the blind man having much of his sight restored, Ang was ready to see more miracles happen.  The next person that contacted him for medical treatment was Om.  Om is a nearly 80 year old man who had a massive stroke 8 months ago.  Om is a Buddhist and has been his whole life.  He has heard of Christians in the last few years, but as a Cambodian and a Buddhist all his life, he would never consider any other religion.  Om knows his days on earth are short.

Since his massive stroke, Om has been completely disabled and living in an almost vegetative state.  He cannot move, his muscles are all atrophied, and he cannot speak or move his body.  For eight months he has been waiting to die; slowly wasting away.   The family heard of Liang being able to see again and so asked Ang if he could come with the other Christians to the house to see Om.  They only wanted pity for him or some medicine to comfort him.  There is nothing anyone can do for him medically.  However, Jesus could!

Ang and the fellow believers, including many brand new believers, gathered around Om and began to pray for him.  After only a simple prayer, his hands opened up.  They had been locked in a clinched position, but now they were free!

The believers kept praying.  They could see him moving and strength flowing back into his body right before them.  They kept praying and asked Om if he could move.  He reached up and grabbed his legs and pulled himself up from a laying position which he had been in for more than eight months!  He could move.  Life was coming back into his body.

The believers continued praying more and more.  They were so excited to see Jesus heal this man right before their eyes.  Within a few minutes Om was starting to stand up and walk, though his legs being so atrophied were straining to hold under his weight.  They suggested he sit down.  Together Ang and the believers took the time to explain about the love of Jesus and how he had demonstrated his Good News to them.  Om tried to speak . . . Slowly at first. . . “I want to believe in Jesus!”

Eighty years after Om was born he got his first chance to hear about Jesus laying mute and crippled in his bed.  He was only waiting to die.  Jesus came down, though faithful believers like Ang, and brought the Good News of Jesus though the power of healing into Om’s life.  Now, Om and his family have changed their eternal destiny!  Thank you Jesus!

Om sitting up after having been crippled and mute for more than eight months!

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  1. Lyn permalink
    March 31, 2010 7:49 pm

    The amazing love of God, poured out on those who have no hope, and no options to try anything or anyone but Jesus. Jesus really is the answer!

  2. April 3, 2010 11:59 am

    A quick update: After another week, Ang returned to pray again for Om. He now is walking almost normal, much strength has returned and his speech it completely normal with no slurring at all! God is amazing!

  3. August 2, 2010 10:40 pm

    Steve, this is so AWESOME! I am very excited about the Presence of God among you and the people to whom you minister. I recently spoke to my spiritual father, Wade Trimmer, and he told me of you. He was blessed to finally get to meet with you. I pray for God’s increase among you.
    James E ALderman

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