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Missing in Action

September 9, 2010

Unfortunately over the last few months I have been too busy to post blogs.  In effect I have been “missing in action”.  Over the last few months I visited the United States with my family and we traveled in 22 states.  At the conclusion of our trip we had driven more than 8,000 miles and flew more than 35,000 miles.  In those states we met old friends, relatives and made many new friends as we spoke in churches across America.

Since coming back to Cambodia I spend some time reading a few books and researching and writing about the Cambodian religious worldview (much too heavy for a blog).  I then proceeded to the Philippines in the most turbulent airplane ride I have ever been on.  After thanking God for saving my life in Mindanao, Philippines I graduated 105 pastors after 3 years of training from our Antioch Institute training there.  Immediately after that back in Cambodia I took 8 leaders from three countries on a tour of our ministry and presented ministry opportunities to the future.  In only a few days I took them through 11 out of 24 provinces in Cambodia.  Now I am sitting in Singapore after making a presentation to dozens of amazing church leaders from all over Africa and Asia.   Sunday I will be speaking in Indonesia and attending some Ramadan feasts and then rush back to Singapore to make a presentation to a doctoral panel.  Then I will teach church planting for rapid church growth to a few more key leaders from Asia and Africa.  During this time I fully intended to “catch up” on blogs and share some of the wonderful things I have seen and learned over the last few months.

Thank you for bearing with me as I was “missing in action”.  I am back now! I cherish your prayers for me, my family and ministry.

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  1. September 9, 2010 6:05 pm

    After reading your post, I feel quite exhausted….. The pace you set does not seem possible, it must be God! We love you and pray for you, your family and your nation.

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