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Fun Signs

October 9, 2010

Many times I come across signs which make me laugh.  If I have a camera with me I will try and capture them.  Some that I have found recently include:

A street sign giving the distance to a famous Cambodian temple:  64,200 kilometers to the “Banteay Chhmar” temple.  And they wonder why few visitors go there! 64,200 kilometers is almost exactly 1.5 times around the earth!


This second sign was at a restaurant in the Philippines.  I was looking for a toilet to wash my hands, but then I saw the sign and got a good laugh!  There is always room for more people to sit in this restaurant!


Two more were spelling issues which I found here in Cambodia.  The first was a church which printed t-shirts for all the people in the congregation for Christmas.  Check this out!  Mary would be very happy!


Another was a name tag on a trainee waiter.  He made the name tag himself.  I am not sure if he kept his job or not!


The next sign I found in Singapore.  Singapore is known as a “fine” city meaning they fine you for everything.  However, as long as I have spent in Singapore I have never actually seen anyone get fined for anything (especially for smoking which is rampant).   On a local bus I saw a sign which caught my attention.  “No Assault on Bus Captain”.  So is violence against bus drivers a big problem in Singapore? I thought it was funny they actually made a sign against assaulting bus drivers!


Well, just today in Cambodia I saw another sign at a grocery store.  It is saying not to punch the check out girls! J  It must be a tough job to check people out of a grocery store.  Again, I think it is pretty funny that they put a sign to stop people from punching others!  (It is a Chinese store, so maybe they came from Singapore).

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  1. Ben So permalink
    October 10, 2010 4:03 pm

    Hi Steve, It was only after one case that a bus captain was assaulted than they made this sign.
    Better safe than sorry.



    • October 10, 2010 5:16 pm

      I think it is hilarious that they made a sign! I am sure they have plenty of laws that cover “assault” and it is tough to imagine someone assaulting a bus captain! Obviously “indecent exposure” or “making out” in the back of the bus isn’t on the priority yet for bus rules! :)

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