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One Year of Blogs

October 14, 2010

In October of 2009 I commenced my blog site after encouragement from my “blog mentor” Omar Garcia.  As I reflect over the last 365 days of writing I have written 110 blogs (about 2 per week).  If my blog were a book, it would be nearly 150 pages long!  In all, my blogs were read 22,530 times.  I enjoyed writing very much and enjoyed the discipline it takes to continue to blog.  Obviously I enjoy when people read and comment, through occasionally some people are rude, which is sad.  (I delete those comments).  I wanted to share the top ten blogs, but also I wanted to point out which blogs received little reading; however, are blogs which I feel are some of the better blogs.  Feel free to read them and see what you think.


Top ten blogs:

#1  A foreigner At Home

#2  Compelled by Love: Heidi Baker

#3  Girls at $1.25

#4  Global Musician: Benny Prasad

#5  My Dad: Bill Hyde

#6  Hit by Lightning

#7  Cows for Cambodia

#8  Real Poverty

#9 Royal Order of Sahametrei

#10 Typhoon Blasts Cambodia


Some of my favorite blogs which received few views were:

Competition in Ministry (only 5 views)

Enough Soy Sauce (only 13 views)

Virtual Christian (only 9 views)


Thanks for reading and I will continue my blogs for another year!


Blessings to you all,


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