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New Shirts

January 24, 2011

Today was the first full day of a Children’s program by the Heights Church from Prescott, AZ.   We never know how many to expect and kids are really hard to count, but look like well over 200 kids showed up this first day.

And boy are they cute!

Barnabas with a great smile!

She is so cute, but the light hair is from malnutrition

The kids learned a memory verse from the Bible, they listened to a presentation of the gospel and sang new songs and played new games.  The golf ball toss was a great hit as was all the singing, but they had full at every station.  Many made crafts for the very first time.

Mike helping with kids with crafts

Robert, Mary and John telling the gospel

Golf ball toss was a big hit

Hosea explaining the meaning of the song to point them to Jesus

On this day, every child that came got a new shirt.  They will be wearing them for months to come around the village as most do not have but one or two sets of clothes.

Kolbi helping kids with new shirts

And John finished the day off with a prayer. We will have two more day and expect the crowed of kids is going to keep growing!

John and the team closing the day

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