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Multiplying Ministry: 88 Kilometers

March 3, 2011

One of our students here in Kompong Thom, Cambodia shared how he is a simple man.  He is very poor, but God allowed him to own a bicycle.  In his testimony he talked about how transport is very difficult.  If he had “better transport” he could share the gospel more.  When I heard this warning flags went up in my mind.  Ah, I have heard the story time and time again. . .

  • If I had a motorcycle I could share about Jesus.
  • If I had a car I could tell people about Jesus.
  • Jesus walked because they were not smart enough to invent cars yet.

When listening to appeals I look for warning signs.  Excuses are common and frequent; and usually when I hear them they come from people who do nothing.  They ask for a motorcycle to share the gospel, yet if you buy them one, they will not go to share the gospel.  They will go visit their friends and ask you for money for gasoline so they can go.  Once you give them that, they will ask for an additional car or truck.  Yet, they do nothing. The excuses and requests are unending.

I further questioned the leader by asking, “So, what have you done?” He said, he could not read, but he already started one church and led many people to Christ.

Then he said to me, “When I heard that someone would teach me the Bible I was so excited to come.  I rode my bicycle here.”

Looking at his old bicycle and tattered clothes I suspected his home was not nearby.  I asked him how far it was to his home.

“88 Kilometers”, he responded.  (About  55 miles)

88 Kilometers to learn

I could say nothing.  He rode 88 kilometers on a dirt and stone track in order to study about God and how to be a leader.  Then he re-teaches everything he is taught. The reason why he was praying for better transport is that he has already shared the gospel by bicycle in all the “nearby” villages and he wants to go further.  This is a passion and commitment which honors God.

Paul said, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15)

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