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Multiplying Ministry: Deliverance

March 4, 2011

Consistently we are told by our students in Cambodia and the Philippines that the most beneficial and life changing lesson which we teach is on deliverance.  Deliverance is the gospel in a very practical expression.  Deliverance is an important part of successful ministry. Cambodia is a nation of ancient history.  A history steeped in periods of demonic dominance.  While visiting the Sabor Prey Kuk city ruins (one of the oldest cities in Cambodia at nearly 1600 years old!) we saw the ancient symbols of worship. The amazing structures are mostly in ruins, yet the spiritual underpinnings remain alive and well today.  Many children are dedicated to spirits at birth, and spirits are invited to join with a person at various stages in their life for “protection” and other reasons.

Banyan Tree smothering an ancient temple

Many temples are wrapped with the Banyan tree.  This tree is well known in religious circles in Asia.  In nearly every country the tree is known to house malevolent spirits.  Another name for this tree is the “Strangler Fig”.  It has no eatable fruit and does not grow in a normal way.  The way this tree grows is to take over a host tree or structure.  At these ancient ruins, this Banyan tree has completely surrounded an ancient temple.  As it surrounds a host tree, it slowly kills it.  Starting with only a seed, it drops its roots down into the soil and continued to grow new roots until it surrounds the host.  Eventually, very slowly, it smothers all nutrients out of the host tree and kills it.  As the host tree rots away, it leaves a gaping hole in the center as a reminder of the life that was destroyed there.

It is a good representation of what Satan does to a life created by God.  He places a seed into a stronghold of a person’s heart and slowly goes to work.  The roots grow and surround the life, if it is not immediately removed.  As it grows it chokes the life out of a person.  This is Satan’s goal, to take every life away from God.

The gospel of the Kingdom is freedom!  Jesus preached and imparted the gospel constantly as he traveled, spoke and cast out demons.  As he sent out his disciples and apostles, he commanded them to “drive out demons” (Matthew 10:8; Mark 16:17).  It is an evidence of the gospel at work when the power of Jesus releases people from strangle hold of demons.

Today, our team visited a local group of believers and found out that in one family there were three children who were demonized.  After a previous training session on deliverance, the father (a pastor himself) learned about the condition of his children.  He had previously assumed that it was impossible to change their condition.  At the seminar, he brought in one of his daughters and she was delivered in front of all the students.  Immediately, he left for home and over some weeks of prayer his son was also freed from the bondage of demons.  On this day our team met the last demonized son and together with the believers (including those who were previously demonized), we were able to pray for the final son.  We believe God for complete freedom for him (his name is Khon).

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