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Doctors had no hope, but Jesus has plenty!

February 13, 2012

Over the last two weeks we have seen a great miracle, but I didn’t want to blurt it out in case it was just a temporary relief, but now it has been two weeks, so I want to let you know what happened.  I will not use the name to be sensitive to her and the disease she has.

We have a lady in our church who has AIDS.  She did not get AIDS through an immoral lifestyle, but probably got it when she volunteered to join an AIDS outreach ministry.  Every day she would pray with and comfort those who were dying of AIDS.  After a few years of this she felt very weak all the time and after a series of test it was found out that she had contracted HIV/AIDS.  Obviously she contracted the disease during her work and ministry to others.

She has had the disease now for several years, but suddenly about a month ago, she had a turn for the worst.  She developed a rash over her whole body, her joints were in so much pain she could not walk and she had a burning fever most of the time. She laid in the hospital suffering.  Daily, almost hourly, church members would go and pray for her.  We all knew there is little that the doctors could do.  Since she found out she had AIDS, she has been on the retro-viral medication which slows the progress of the disease, but the doctors said that one of the medicines was not the correct one.

Her white blood count was 0.   The white blood cells are what fights infections and the AIDS virus kills by destroying the bodies immunities.  The doctors had no hope.  They told her and her family that it would be best for her to leave the hospital, because there are too many sick people there and even a common cold would likely kill her.

Another problem emerged because she is a poor lady her family lives above one of the city sewers.  The disease from that would likely kill her too.  So, another elder in the church insisted that her and her family move into their two bedroom house.  They put a bed in the entrance way of the house.  It would be clean there.

One afternoon, my wife and I felt that we needed to go and pray for her.  We spent a long time talking and even joking with the family about funny things, but then we got down to “business”. . . we prayed.  Her fever was quite high and had not reduced in weeks.  She also could not walk, and was bound to the bed for several weeks already.

Noit and I laid our hands on her legs.  As I prayed I felt my hand heating up and like a fire rushing up my hand.  I knew God was at work.  After we finished praying, Noit said, “I felt like the heat from your body was being sucked up by my hand”.  I simply responded, “Me too” as I had the same sensation.

Her fever was indeed gone.

Praise God for miracles!! Praise God that he still works powerfully amongst those who seek him!!

We, of course, were not satisfied.  She still had trouble walking.  One of the elders said, “I think by tomorrow you will walk.” The next day was Sunday.  She had not been to church for over a month already because she could not walk and was confined to the hospital.  The only reason she was home was that the doctors had given up hope.

Sunday morning we all headed to church.  Guess what.  She was there!!  She could walk, but still had some pain in her legs.  The swelling was gone.  She told us that she had prayed, “God help me to go to church tomorrow.”

Even when we prayed with her, she cried as she prayed. . . “Lord, God, I am sorry I have been selfish and thought about myself. If you heal me, I promise to serve you with my whole life.”

I think most of us would agree that serving on an AIDS ministry team was pretty good service.  Yet, she knew in her heart, there was far more involved in “service” than a job.

At the worship service, one of the men in the church kept walking next to her.  But he never said anything.  His name is Samnang.  The previous week he came to one of our seminars on hearing the voice of God and obediently following what God has said.  In short you can call this “prophecy”.

After the service was over, he got the courage to speak to her. He said, “God told me to pray for your legs that they will be completely healed.”

So, together with another elder, they sat down on a large bed (like a short table) and they prayed.  As they prayed, you could hear “popping” sounds.  The crackle was so loud, that one of the elders thought the bed was breaking.  It wasn’t.  Immediately, all the final pain in her legs vanished.

It has been two weeks and she is completely normal!

The woman also has a young daughter that was born after she contracted AIDS and ahs also tested positive for the virus.  We are continuing to pray that both will be completely healed.

All glory to God!

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  1. February 13, 2012 11:14 am

    Wonderful … God is GOOD!

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