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A Warlock’s Scrambled Eggs and Fried Chicken

May 15, 2012

Alemu is a brave evangelist and felt called into a remote village to share the gospel.  He rented a simple home and started to share about Jesus every day to whomever would listen.  However, the Muslim people who lived in the area decided they needed to get rid of Alemu, but didn’t want to simply murder him, or it would cause legal problems with the authorities in the village.  So, they approached a Muslim witchdoctor to place a curse on Alemu.

One night Alemu needed to relieve himself, and since his simple house did not have a toilet, he stepped outside to urinate on his fence.  At his front door, he saw three eggs.  To an American, it seems odd, but the Ethiopians know it was placed there as a curse by the witchdoctor.  They knew it was a sacrifice that would lead to death.

Alemu, however, still half asleep prayed a simple prayer, “In the mighty name of Jesus cleanse these eggs!” Then he picked up the eggs and went back into the house.  After he woke up he scrambled the eggs and ate them for breakfast.  They were good!

The next morning, he had another surprise waiting for him.  The warlock knew his egg curse didn’t kill Alemu, so he upped his sacrifice to a chicken.  Alemu saw the bleeding chicken and said, “In the mighty name of Jesus cleanse this chicken!”  He then took the chicken inside and cooked it for his breakfast.  The chicken was very tasty!

A few days later he finally met the warlock face to face.  Alemu greeted him first, knowing that he was trying to put a curse on him by saying “Peace be unto you.”  The warlock could not respond to the simple greeting.  Finally, the warlock muttered, “You are a dangerous man!  What kind of God do you serve?  Why are you not dead?” Without waiting for an answer he departed quickly.

The next day, in the small village Alemu learned that the warlock’s son was sick.  Alemu knew in his heart that the boy would die if he did not confront the warlock.  Alemu went straight to the warlock’s home who he had met the previous day.   Alemu told the warlock that his son would die, however, Alemu was willing to help.  Alemu would take the warlocks son personally to the hospital.  So Alemu carried the boy in his arms all the way to the hospital.  The doctors said they required an initial payment, but the warlock was too poor to give it.  So, Alemu gave the last money he had in his possession, 15 birr (about USD$1.00).  Everyone knew that Alemu was poor and the warlock wanted him dead.  They were puzzled to see Alemu helping his “enemy”. In the end, the hospital treated the warlock’s son for only $2.00 and he recovered.  During the time at the hospital, many Muslims from the village gathered around the warlock and his family.  They were all curious about Alemu.

Finally, when the boy recovered and was released from the hospital then the warlock said to all those who had gathered, “Alemu is truly Allah’s messenger and I am receiving his Lord today.”  That day, all the people in the village received Jesus as their savior.

Alemu still remembers the delicious eggs and fried chicken that saved a village!

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  1. Andrew Rankin permalink
    May 16, 2012 1:39 am

    There is no curse or power against the force of love, light, and life. Awesome testimony.

  2. May 16, 2012 6:34 am

    I love this post – thank you.

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