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Restored Mind

June 14, 2012

Testimony by: Om Srie in Svay Jake, Northwest Cambodia

Om Srie asked that God would give her prophecy to heal the sick and cast demons out of mentally ill people.  However, she was afraid.  When she prayed, God gave her boldness to pray for the mentally ill.  Lek Long is a woman in her community.  At one time she professed Christ, but slipped away from the Lord with all the pressures put on her by the predominantly Buddhist community.  When she stopped believing very soon she lost her mind and was crazy.  She was known in the community as a crazy woman who wandered around the village after that.  The Buddhist community blamed her insanity on the fact that she had previously believed in Jesus, though they did not consider that she actually became insane after she recanted her Christian faith. Om Srie had a strong word from the Lord though that Jesus would heal a mentally ill person’s mind.  She knew the word of the Lord was specifically was for Lek Long.  After receiving the word, she went immediately to find her and many demons were expelled from Lek Long. She now is in her right mind and has returned to her faith in Christ; this time for good.

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  1. June 14, 2012 6:44 am

    God is Good! Love this testimony! Thank you !

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