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Diabetes Gone

June 16, 2012

Testimony by: Channy, Banteay Meanchey Province,  Northwest Cambodia

Channy visited the town of Stong in Northwest Cambodia for the purpose of sharing the gospel.  When she went there, the Lord gave her a word in her heart that she would meet a woman with diabetes who had no hope and Jesus would heal her. When Channy arrived in the town she went to the center of town where she started sharing to people about Jesus.  At a nearby house she saw a lady laying in front of her house.

In Cambodia, there is little medical assistance available for people. For basic fevers and colds there is medication, but for more serious ailments or injuries, there are few hospitals available outside medical treatment. Therefore, when people become sick with diseases like diabetes, there is no treatment for them.  Basically, they just wait to die.

Channy approached the woman who was laying.  She noticed the women was very swollen and could hardly walk from the ravages of the disease.  Channy shared with her that Jesus had given her a special word that she would be healed from diabetes so Channy proceeded to share with the lady about Jesus. However, quite honestly, Channy felt in her heart that she had no power, but Jesus spoke to her and said, “I have the power to heal her”. So she prayed for the lady and immediately she was healed.  The swelling vanished and the women could talk normally again and walk.  She asked Channy if she could become a Christian and Channy has committed to return to the village regularly to teach her about following Jesus.

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  1. Bonnie Walker permalink
    June 16, 2012 10:06 am

    Steve, former classmates at FA, Palph Lewisand Kim Ambrosious Lewis, live and work in Cambodia, and Kim runs a medical clinic she started for the exact reason you stated. Look her up on FB….bless Channey in her endeavors to help Cambodians become believers…Dear Jesus…Amen

  2. Greg permalink
    June 17, 2012 1:57 am

    Isn’t it amazing how God equippes His young soldiers to draw on His awesome power

  3. June 18, 2012 10:47 am

    Keep up the testimonies … they stor passion in the belly and give hope to those who want to see more :-)

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