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Hopeless AIDS Sufferer Given New Life

June 18, 2012

 “Hopeless AIDS Sufferer Given New Life”

Testimony by: Sophanny, Poipet, Northwest Cambodia.

Sopanny  was working one day and heard the voice of God to go to the hospital, because there was a person who was dying and didn’t have any hope.  God specifically gave her the name “Vanny” who was dying of AIDS.  Sophanny went  to the only hospital in Poipet.   She asked the first doctor she saw if anyone was dying there.  The doctor told her there was a lady who is dying.  Sophanny asked the name and the doctor told her the woman’s name was, “Vanny”.  She knew that God wanted to heal Vanny.

So, she went to meet Vanny at her hospital bed and shared the gospel with her.  Sophanny described Vanny’s condition has horrible and hopeless. Vanny was in the final stages of AIDS. Her body had wasted away and sores covered her body, oozing with fluids. Anyone who saw Vanny was disgusted by her appearance.  Vanny really looked pitiful.   Sophanny laid her hands on Vanny and prayed for her. Vanny believed in Jesus at that point.  As she prayed, Sophanny blessed Vanny.

The next day all the sores on Vanny were healed and she was in full strength.  She has now returned to her previous work.

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  1. Lyn permalink
    June 18, 2012 8:50 am

    God does such amazing things in places where people have no alternatives…. only God to call upon.

  2. June 18, 2012 10:42 am

    Praise God! We enjoyed hearing this testimony at church yesterday … God is Good all the time and is no respecter of persons … as he is doing there … so He will do in Australia :-) because … God is Good!

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