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A Secret Gift

June 21, 2012

Testimony by: Serey, from Takeo, Southern Cambodia

Po Rut was a former Buddhist Monk and now a layperson in the temple.  He basically became a layperson (called “Achar”) because he wanted to get married, but he is very serious and committed Buddhist.  Serey is a young widowed woman who leads a small congregation and hears from God very clearly. One day last month Serey heard a word in her heart which was very specific.  God told her to “go to Po Rut’s house and she will have a gift for him.”  She went and didn’t know what to say, but she decided to share with him about Jesus.  He did not respond to Serey’s gospel presentation.  However, later that day Serey met another young man named Poo Chan, whom she shared about Jesus with and he believed that day.   Later that day Po Rut heard that Poo Chan believed in Jesus.  They were friends and so Po Rut went to talk to Poo Chan about why he left the Buddhist religion.  Po Rut actually had a sickness and in his heart he felt Jesus could heal him, but didn’t say anything.  After visiting Poo Chan he decided he wanted to talk to Serey and find more about this Jesus.  So, later in the day he went to visit Serey and he asked to believe in Jesus.

Serey was excited that this Buddhist leader wanted to accept Jesus.  So, she prayed with him to receive Jesus.   At the same time he prayed to receive Jesus, he knew that he was healed of his secret sickness.  Serey had a word from God that she would have a gift for him.  She still didn’t know what the gift was, so she just told Po Rut that God had a special gift for him.  Po Rut, told her that he just received the special gift.  He was physically healed as they prayed.  God had a secret gift and he gave it in a way that only brought Glory to God.

Because Po Rut is a man and it is improper to talk about personal things with another woman in Cambodia culture, he did not sure what his sickness was, only that he knew instantly that he was healed of his disease.  That day, two men came to Christ because Serey was faithful to the word that God gave her.

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