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Cross the River

June 23, 2012

Testimony by: Chueng Chan, Kompong Thom, Central Cambodia.


One day Chan was praying and he heard two phrases.  “Cross the river” and “don’t be afraid; encourage her”.

To most of us, such a word would be odd and confusing, but Chan, a Cambodian church leader, knew that  “Cross the river” was a word that is used to refer to a woman who is pregnant and going into labor.  Crossing the river, in a country with few medical facilities, can be very dangerous.  “Maternal mortality” (babies and mothers dying in birth) is very high in Cambodia because of the lack of emergency medical care.

When a member of the congregation has a problem Chan reports that a strong feeling will come over his heart. Then he prays for them that God would protect and heal them.   This day, he had the same feeling back in his heart.  He knew that one woman in his congregation was pregnant (about to ‘cross the river’) so he went to visit her and pray with her.

The next day the women suddenly went into labor.  It happened so fast that she birthed the child by herself at home.  No one was around to assist her because they thought it would be weeks before her child would be born.  The woman reported that the child was born very easy and without difficulty.

Thanks to Chan’s word from God, she faced a potentially dangerous and terrifying situation all by herself with peace in her heart that God would bring her child into the world in safety and love.

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