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Life, Not Abortion

June 24, 2012

Testimony by: Heng Nary, Kompong Tralach, Central Cambodia


Nary had learned about how God speaks and has words for other people.  Since she learned about this she was sensitive every day to listen to God.  When she was visiting a friend in a medical clinic she saw a woman by coincidence at the hospital.  She does not know who the woman was, nor ever met her before.

God told her that the woman standing near her wanted to have an abortion.  Nary had also learned about the sanctity of life as God’s creation and when God showed this to her she immediately asked to speak with the woman.  She knew it was rude to intrude into another life, but she knew God wanted her to save the baby.  She said, “Are you here for an abortion?” The lady affirmed it.  Nary, said. Please don’t.  God is giving you this baby as a gift. The woman, however, was determined.

Just then, the nurse called the lady to come to the counter.  Nary could only pray for Jesus to help.  The Doctor then walked up and asked to see the woman’s government papers (official government documents called “family documents” which show every member of the family. But the doctor said, “I won’t do it unless your husband approves.”

The woman looked downcast.  The doctor refusing to do an abortion is very unusual.  Normally, anyone will do it because they make good money providing abortions which are quite simple to perform.  It was clear that God had intervened.

Nary prayed that God would send more people to minister to this lady so that she will receive comfort from whatever situation she is in and will love her child.  On that day, a precious life was saved.

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