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Husband and Wife Journey to the Throne of God

June 28, 2012

Testimony by: Kang Liet, Kompong Thom, Central Cambodia

In January Kang Liet studied about prophecy and how to hear from God and give an encouraging word to others.  After the course he continued to share the gospel to his neighbors, but he really wanted my wife to go with him.  A friend even prophesied that his wife would join him in the ministry. However, Kang Liat knew that was not likely.

Kang Liat’s wife was previously in a car accident and was severely injured and so for many years she has refused to ever go in a car or ride on a motorcycle again.  As a result she never goes beyond 3 km from the house because of the fear and the residual effects from the injuries she sustained.

However, one morning as Kong Liat was praying God said to him “go to Srok Balang with your wife”. “Srok Balang” happens to mean the “Throne of God” in Cambodian.  He knew God was calling him to go and share the gospel, but it was more than 100 km away.  Kang Liat thought, “Oh, my wife will never go”.  He told his wife of his plans and he was shocked when she said she would go with him.

However, in the morning they wanted to leave she came down with Malaria and was shaking and high fever.  Malaria, when it is at its peak, is a very painful and debilitating disease.  Seeing his wife sick Kang Liet assumed that he would go alone.  As he was gathering his clothes to leave, his wife called to him and said, “Don’t leave me, I will go with you.”  Kang Liet was so happy to see that God’s word was coming true for him.

They went by motorcycle on the bad jungle trail, but it was an easy trip for them.  But then toward the end of the trip, they fell into a rut on the trail and were thrown from the motorcycle about five meters.  As they picked themselves up off the ground he saw that he and his wife had no injuries.  His wife did not have a mark on her, and not even dirt, however, Kang Liet was covered with mud.  He landed in what he described as a “pig’s wallow”.  The motorcycle had many broken pieces on it, however, it started right up and they were able to continue their journey.

After a week or so he felt some discomfort in his chest. At the doctor, they took an x-ray and found some of his ribs were broken, but there was no swelling or pain.  He knew it must have been from the crash, so he told the doctor what happened and how God protected him and his wife.  He witnessed to the doctor and said, “It is because of Jesus”, but the doctor said “Jesus is pretty good”.  Kang Liet was sorry that the doctor did not believe, but he was happy that God helped his wife to overcome her fears so she can join him in the more ministry trips in the future.

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