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Typhoon Victim: Pastor Binar

December 14, 2012

Pastor Binar started in 2012 with a lot of hope. He was a rural pastor in Mindanao who never had a chance to receive a Bible School education, but he has done his best with the church he started. He had little formal education and lived in the mountains far from any urban Bible school. However, earlier this year through the teachers of Antioch Institute he was able to graduate with a Certificate in Ministry.  It was a long-time dream come true.  However, a few days ago his world was shattered.  Typhoon Bopha, called “Pablo” in the Philippines, made a direct hit on eastern Mindanao where he lives with his family.  At 3 o’clock in the morning the winds began to blow with incredible power.  Suddenly, there was a huge crash as the tree next to his house came crashing down.  Instantly, his house was destroyed. It had missed him and his family and he was lucky to be alive.

Binar home 01 copy



All of Pastor Binar's remaining possessions

All of Pastor Binar’s remaining possessions


Though traumatized by the collapse of his house, Pastor Binar was smart too, he knew that with a lack of drinking water that his family would become sick if they drank contaminated water.  So, he built a simple sand filter using a broken bucket, some sand, a t-shirt and a garbage bin to collect the water.  Though this system, he is able to provide is family with a limited amount of clean water.  Clean water is a big problem in times of disaster such as this until clean water sources can be cleaned and decontaminated.

Pastor Binar's improvised water filter

Pastor Binar’s improvised water filter


Pastor Binar also had recently built a simple church building.  He built it on a small hill and cut a notch out of the mountain so they could be a simple church for his 50 member congregation.   It was a simple church but they could seat as many as 50 people pretty comfortably.  The storm demolished the church and pieces of it were blown far away.  He and some of the believers collected as much of the usable wood and sheet metal for roofing that they could find and built a small shelter to protect the materials from the weather until they can get enough more materials to re-build the church.  Here is Pastor Binar’s church below:

All that remains is the stairs leading to where the church used to stand

All that remains is the stairs leading to where the church used to stand


Pastor Binar gathered as much materials as he could find to try and rebuild the church in the future

Pastor Binar gathered as much materials as he could find to try and rebuild the church in the future

Many times after a flood donations come flooding in. Donations of rice, food items and used clothing are the most common.  However, what Pastor Binar really needs is a house.  He has some rice and all his clothing he had before the storm, what he is lacking the supplies to rebuild a house. No rescue workers have been to visit him. A house can be simply reconstructed in the rural Philippines for less than $1,000 per house.

Currently, there are as many as 200 Antioch Institute students who have had their homes destroyed by typhoon Bopha in a similar way to Pastor Binar.  Please pray and consider if God would have you help these believers during this Christmas season.  Antioch Institute will assist in the long-term development of the communities affected by the typhoon.  Any amount can help us to help these poor people.


Antioch Institute is receiving donations for Pastor Binar and other pastors like him for the purpose of the rehabilitation and relief from the Philippine typhoon.  100% of the funds will go toward the families.  The focus will be on rebuilding homes and church buildings lost in disaster. Our leaders live in this area and our commitment is long-term not just a temporary.  These pastors are giving life giving ministry in these areas and are a part of the communities which were destroyed.


Funds can be sent to:

Church of Glad Tidings

PO Box 1630

Yuba City, CA 95992


Contact person: Paul Ward, Administrator


Phone: (530) 671-3160


It is also possible to give online through the church website at:

In the “notes” section you can make the gift for “Antioch Institute: Philippine Typhoon Relief”


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