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Treasure Hunting

June 22, 2013

As part of a practical exercise in listening to the Holy Spirit is going out into the town and finding a person of peace (Luke 10:6). Before going out in groups of three people they went they prayed seeking the Holy Spirit’s revelation about the people whom God wanted them to meet.  More than fifty teams went out and all of them had amazing experiences, but I’ll just highlight a few here.

Vision of an elderly lady: One group came back full of joy.  They proudly displayed a photograph which they had printed on their walk back to the church. Before they had left they prayed together they saw a vision of an elderly woman sitting in front of her house.  They had a clear description of the house as well in their mind.  They discussed it and headed out to find that house and elderly woman. After walking a few blocks they spotted the house and the elderly woman.  Even though they had experienced many supernatural things they were absolutely shocked that the vision they had was perfect.  In front of the house they met a ninety-eight year-old lady who never came out of the house.  Her child was a senior government official as was embarrassed by her elderly mother so forbid her to leave the house. However, after many years in seclusion she chose that moment, when her son was gone, to step out of the gate.  Only minutes after she moved a chair to sit in front of the house these three ladies approached her. They immediately told her what Jesus had done and sent them to her to encourage her.  She was so blessed as they gave her words of encouragement from their prayer time.  The ninety-eight year-old grandmother was so encouraged.

lady with picture (small)

Real relief given to a complete stranger: Another group prayed and saw a man who had urination problems and was sick and suffering.  As they went out, they felt one many who was nice to them along the road was that man.  So they ventured an intrusive question. They asked the complete stranger “Do you have trouble urinating?”  He was shocked, but responded affirmatively.  The men explained that Jesus had given them a vision of the man and that Jesus wanted to heal him.  After talking with the old man a while they prayed for him first time and then second time and then the old man said that he was better, but they were not very satisfied that he really was better. However, before they left the house, they felt that God wanted them to pray for the old man the third time. After praying this time, the man rose up immediately and told them he was completely healed and went to the bathroom to urinate. He proudly boasted that he could urinate freely and gave glory to Jesus for healing him!

Security guard returns to the family of God: Another group of three men had a vision of a security guard and had words of encouragement given to him.  As they walked they found the man who they had seen when they were praying.  They discovered that the man, a private security guard, was actually a believer but had back-slidden and not attended church for many years. In fact, he had become a terrible person and was even sent to prison.  He thought he was worthless in his life and no one cared about him.  However, these men told him that Jesus loves him and never would leave him.  When the group came back to the church, the security guard left his work and came with them so he could re-join in fellowship with the family of God.

Foreigner in Black:  When another group prayed they were surprised to get a vision of a foreigner wearing black clothes: a t-shirt and shorts.  They were just poor rural women who didn’t know any foreign language, but they went out hunting for this foreigner anyway. They thought, ‘How can we communicate with a foreigner when we can’t speak a foreign language?” While they were passing by a guest house, they saw one lady who is the exact person in their revelation. So they went to meet her. She was a Vietnamese, but she could speak Khmer, their own language! Then, they told her about Jesus and prayed with her.  The Vietnamese lady was very happy to meet them and hear about Jesus in that way.

Interruption to change a life: Another group of women had God reveal to them a vision of an old lady with white hair and red scarf around her neck and was walking on the street to another group of people. This group went out and found the exact lady.  They interrupted the other group and shared with them what God revealed to them about her and then shared the Good News with her. At that time another lady joined them. After hearing about Gospel of Jesus, both of them decided to believe in Jesus.  Right there on the street they prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts.

Hidden Background: One lady spoke to another man about his past life, yet they did not know each other.  Both are church leaders in different provinces.  One lady shared that the Holy Spirit had revealed to her that the other leader, Duch Hak was formerly a strong persecutor of Christians and that God healed him of a mental illness which was instrumental in him believing in Jesus. Duch Hak shed tears as he shared that he never told his own background to anyone.  He was encouraged by the love and forgiveness that he experienced in Jesus through the word of knowledge. Both were encouraged that truly Jesus is truly alive.

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  1. June 23, 2013 6:25 am

    Naturally supernatural :-) go Church go Jesus!

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