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Star Alliance

August 27, 2013

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For as much traveling as I do you would think I would have attained the top tier of a frequent flyer program, however, Cambodia is not a hub for any airline and most of my flights are on budget airlines (truly cattle class).  However, one of my favorite airlines is EVA Air based out of Taiwan.  When I travel to and from the USA I try to fly EVA because I love the service, comfortable planes and flying times.  Eventually, I made my way up to “Gold” on their frequent flier program.  At such a level I am allowed near complete freedom on their planes; extra bags at no charge and they even greet me by name on each flight.  Some people may think I am a superstar they treat me so nice! My wonderful flying experience has always been limited to EVA, however, because they had no partners.

Well, just a few months ago EVA joined the Star Alliance. This alliance includes about 20 different airlines who then cooperate together.  One of those airlines is Singapore Airlines.  Just last week my wife and I flew to Australia; a destination that EVA air does not fly too.  However, when I showed them my EVA air gold card they welcomed me as if I had flown my 200,000 miles all on Singapore Airlines which in fact I have not flown for nearly 15 years.

Noit and I enjoyed the lounges at every airport eating gourmet foods and enjoying soft comfortable chairs.  We checked-in at the first class line where there never is a line and our bags always came off the plane first. We were even given special cards which allowed us to bypass any immigration lines as well. We were treated like royalty.  We were strangers to Singapore Airlines, but they treated us as if we were long-time friends. I love being a part of the Star Alliance!

I just came from speaking in Australia at a church called “Stairway Church”  in Melbourne.  After my speaking was done we joined in a conference where Bill Johnson was speaking.  At that conference the Pastor of Stairway Peter McHugh made the comment, “We welcome any visitors to Stairway.  Enjoy your time.  But don’t stay, go home!” He also commented that they celebrate the different “steams” in which God was working and welcomed seeking God together. They treated us, and everyone else, as royalty. We had full-access to the services of Stairway church and they would do anything to help us during our time in their congregation. We are not members of Stairway Church but we were treated like royalty there.  Stairway church is a part of the Kingdom Alliance.

There is no membership rules to join the Kingdom Alliance.  It does not have a head office apart from the Throne Room of Christ. It is a personal choice by a Christian to give royal treatment to fellow travelers on the journey with God: To receive them by name, regardless of who they clocked their miles with, and treat them as Jesus would.  How would Jesus treat a gold card member:

  • As his own son.
  • With honor and respect.
  • With love at all times.
  • As essential partners in the Father’s purposes.
  • (Regardless of others opinions or past mistakes.)
  • And always with a posture of a servant.

You, as a believer, are members of God’s Kingdom Alliance.  As you live your life for Jesus you have a gold card which gives you full-access to the heavenly Throne Room.  You are entitled to everything good that other partnering airlines (churches) offer. However, a gold card member with Jesus never insists on what they are entitled too, yet is required to give that service to others.  Therefore, as a gold card member in the Kingdom Alliance your job is to: treat all other believer’s as God’s own son.  You are to honor and respect them and show love at all times. Treat them as essential partner’s in the Father’s purposes regardless of the past. Do everything for others with the posture of a servant. It’s your choice.  The Kingdom Alliance only works when you honor others. Jesus said, “do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31). That’s the gold card treatment of the Kingdom Alliance.


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  1. August 27, 2013 9:45 am

    I am delighted you enjoyed your time with us … And I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you preach … Which whilst funny had some deep confronting truths!
    Thankyou Steve!
    Blessings, God is Good!

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